We aim for Quality,
Not Quantity.

Mutualist gives a soul to a brand that is
carefully crafted so that it could be
well-perceived by customers, similarly to
a heart which gives life to a human.
With this in mind, Mutualist cares for
the value of your business and assists
you in achieving your success.

"Talent wins games,
but teamwork and intelligence
win championships."


Our agency works in teams not individuals. With a
solid teamwork we are able to excel more than
working individuals. We believe that a discussion
within a group of creative individuals will create a
higher quality outcome that is more efficient,
thoughtful, and effective. Our agency has the best
team that you can trust to create the optimum
functionality for the future of your business.

Visually Powerful,
Intellectually elegant,
and above all timeless.

Our designs have timeless aesthetic value that
is compatible all-throughout the era.

Designer yet an Artist.

Not only working from the aspect of a
Designer, we are also passionate Artists.
We aspire to give a high quality visual output
that has both artistic and aesthetical values.
We are Creators that create brand awareness
so that potential customers can recognize the
brand, nevertheless achieving the target market.

Growing with You.

Brainstorming and Concept Visualization
are the key steps in the process of creating
a brand identity. We are willing to thrive
with your business to create a positive
awareness for your brand.

One Stop Solution

We offer a one-stop solution for your business. Our
creative individuals excel in different fields such as
Branding, Illustrations, Photography, Website,
Motion Graphic, and Publication Design.